100 W Ridge Pike Unit D

Limerick, PA 19468

100 W Ridge Pike Unit D Limerick, PA 19468

UFA Nutrition

UFA NUTRITION is food planning and fitness support for all lifestyles.

Specializing in helping people optimize their nutrition

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching with Diane

Coach Diane heads UFA Nutrition and has extensive experience working with everyone from regular moms and dads, to collegiate athletes, designing and supporting nutrition plans and aesthetic goals. Diane is a mom and stepmom to 3 girls so she knows the challenges of parent life. She’s also an avid CrossFitter, and has won a silver medal on the US paddleboat team in 2016.

  • Feeling exhausted in the gym or at work?

  • Not sure how to fuel your training or lifestyle?

  • Not sure if you’re eating enough?

  • Tired of drastic weight cuts for meets? And uncomfortable rebound weight gain?

  • Tired of the binge/ restrict cycle?

We can help you solve all of these problems! Eating enough to optimize our potential in the gym is a huge factor. Learn how to make sure you’re eating enough food to gain strength and look great. We’ll help you manage your eating and make your nutrition choices work for you.

Join UFA Nutrition and learn:

  • How to track food

  • How to understand the correlation between the objective data (weight, measurements, macros, etc) and the biofeedback (performance, energy, mood, sleep quality, and digestion)

  • How to make adjustments to food intake as needed based on your goals

  • General hormone understanding (you too guys!)

  • Plus so much more!

All new client plans include:

  • Private Coaching

  • Weekly check-ins

  • 5 workout tracks to choose from

  • Private member group

  • Meal plan templates

Weight Loss Programs

Over 300 clients have lost 20 lbs. or more in 6 weeks or less with our nutrition coaching.

Coach Phil has been running UFA nutrition and fitness challenges for over 8 years. Since 2018, 300 of those participants have lost 20 pounds or more in 6 weeks or less. One of the major factors associated with that success are the 1-on-1 accountability check-ins.

Nutrition challenges throughout the year help our clients maintain consistency and maximize meal plan compliance.

Many of our clients don’t know how to have a great training cycle and still make weight for their event. Or find themselves avoiding social settings with friends and family because they can’t manage their meal plan in an uncontrolled setting, like restaurants and parties. The truth is you can still enjoy the foods you love and focus on other important things in your life like your career, relationships, family, and your social life.
You don’t need to be hungry all the time, tired and fatigued at work and in the gym, not making strength and muscle gains, while being anxious and stressed about eating social events. We provide the support, education, guidance, and accountability to make your goals a reality.

Performance and Aesthetics

Fuel for your sport or your body composition goals

We spend a lot of time making sure our clients have the support they need to accomplish their specific goals. Getting the support you need and being empowered to make your own decisions with what and when you eat are the big difference makers in your long term success. Our goal is to help you be consistent for the long haul. Now is a perfect time to get started making the changes you’ve been wanting to make! Sign up and get started with our 21-Day free trial and start getting results.

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