100 W Ridge Pike Unit D Limerick, PA 19468

100 W Ridge Pike Unit D

Limerick, PA 19468

personal training

Everything you’ll need to transform, under one roof.

As a client, you’ll enjoy a private personal training studio, free from gym crowds and distractions. Only 4 clients utilize MOVE at a time, making it easier for you to relax and focus during your workout while getting the individualized attention you deserve.

Unfinished Athletics is conveniently located in Limerick, PA, and features brand new, state-of-the art, high-end 3D Body scanner and fitness equipment. Understanding your body is critical to establishing achievable fitness goals and in forming optimal workout plans.

Personal training clients have their body composition measured using state of the art equipment. In addition to measuring the amount of fat, and muscle mass in your body, we collect key data including your BMR (base metabolic rate) and the calories required to maintain your current body weight.

We also take 30 measurements around your body using infrared lasers that have +- 2mm accuracy. After the initial assessment, measurements are collected throughout your fitness journey to ensure that you and your personal trainer remain on track towards your fitness goals.

Our scientific approach to fitness and the high level of accountability our systems provide has resulted in over 400 people losing 20 pounds or more in 6 week or less since we began tracking in 2018.

Our personal trainers maximize every second of each session by creating personalized workouts that are based on your current fitness level, goals, body composition, injury status, nutrition plan, and other factors discussed and reviewed by your personal fitness team at UFA.

By having goals and workout plans created by our team of professionals, you can feel confident that each session is designed with purpose. The high level of collaboration, client and member feedback, and our science-based approach make progress towards your fitness goals inevitable.

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